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AI the Augmenter for a Generalist

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But it can cost you your reputation without depth of Knowledge

An AI generated creative to suit the title of the topic

AI the augmentor:

The advent of Chat GPT has revolutionized both the utilization of its features and the broader Internet experience. Before Chat GPT, while free information was available on nearly everything, we now enjoy the convenience of obtaining tailored information instantly by posing the right questions. AI tools deliver precise responses swiftly, providing the most appropriate answers within seconds. Consequently, I can inquire about any aspect of AI, from Science, Technology, and Medicine to Art, Culture, and Music. The AI tools furnish me with precise information corresponding to my query in just a few moments. The ease and affordability of accessing information have reached a point where anyone can obtain any information at any time. AI as an Augmenter in life is transforming our lives in many ways. But deep knowledge has its own value.

Real-life Situation:

Last week, I was leading a training program focused on a specific aspect of customer and sales management. The participants were front-end sales and service team members of a multinational company. During the training, I introduced a couple of unplanned topics. The first was a discussion about the book "Built to Last" by Jim Collins, and the second was about biases for Customer Relationship Managers, based on the book "The Art of Clear Thinking" by Rolf Dobelli. I am currently reading both of these books, so they were fresh in my mind and I could demonstrate how they offer valuable frameworks for customer relationship management.

I believe these topics would assist participants in customer relationship management. While I presented these concepts, my co-presenter began devising team activities related to biases, resulting in three different scenarios. All activities were conducted, yet it became apparent during the exercise that my co-presenter lacked conceptual clarity, having relied on details from an AI tool rather than reading the book. While AI tools can furnish pertinent information on any topic, they cannot supplant the actual learning experience. They may accelerate our learning process, but deep learning cannot be substituted by AI alone. In the vast amphitheatre of knowledge, artificial intelligence (AI) enters, brandishing a double-edged sword. This paradox deserves scrutiny. AI makes knowledge accessible, unlocking the doors to extensive information repositories. Acting as a universal librarian, it provides us with answers, insights, and tutorials instantly. We are no longer desperate seekers in the desert of ignorance; the oasis is now within our grasp.

Guard Against Being Generalist:

The buffet of AI knowledge entices us to taste everything—a byte of physics, a morsel of poetry, a gulp of coding. We morph into generalists, grazing over a multitude of subjects. We become adept in various domains, armed with trivia for any cocktail party. But hold on! True expertise resides in the depths, far from the superficial shallows. Achieving mastery requires deep immersion, dedication, and isolation—like the monk in the scriptorium or the blacksmith at the forge. There's a risk of remaining dilettantes, hopping from one subject to another, without ever delving deep.

The Pursuit of Equilibrium

Is it possible to partake of AI's offerings without succumbing to superficiality? We ought to harmonize the ease of AI with the diligence of traditional methods. Transform the generalist into a specialist—inquiring, versatile, yet rooted in deep knowledge.

The Harmony of Education: We should employ AI as an enhancer, rather than a dependency. The essence of skillfulness resides in orchestrating this harmony. Picture an ensemble: AI contributes the delicate notes of the piccolo, while the human produces the rich tones of the cello.

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