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 Coaching & Mentoring

Mr. Anup Nair 

Mr. Anup Nair, a seasoned leader with over 30 years of experience in the capital and construction equipment industry, currently serves as the Managing Director of Martin Engineering, a global leader in bulk material handling solutions. He has significantly contributed to businesses across India and South Asia, demonstrating expertise in change management, process development, profitability enhancement, and customer relationship management. Mr. Nair has worked with leading brands like JCB, Hyundai, Hitachi, John Deere, and Caterpillar. A Mechanical Engineer from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kochi, he mentors students and enjoys golfing and swimming to stay fit and agile.

Managing Director,Marting Engineering

Associate Mentors

Mr. Amit Sood

Amit, a former corporate leader turned solopreneur, found his true calling in coaching. After a successful corporate career starting in 1992 and reaching top roles, he faced an unexpected firing in 2010. Despite a better job, he felt disillusioned and sought deeper meaning. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle, he realized conventional paths and money alone didn’t bring happiness. In 2015, he left corporate life for conscious entrepreneurship and, since 2017, has coached professionals and business leaders towards fulfilling careers and holistic lives. Amit's coaching emphasizes inner growth, healing, and spiritual alignment, guiding clients to find purpose and inner peace.

 Life Coach

Mrs. Ananya Nag

Mrs. Ananya Nag is an accomplished Education Management Professional specializing in teaching English Language and Literature across high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. With expertise in CBSE, IGCSE, and IBDP curricula, she excels in curriculum development, intensive writing, and classroom management. Her mission-driven approach fosters critical thinking and creativity, supporting a personalized learning environment. As an associate mentor at India Career Centre, she contributes to scholarly discussions and professional growth. Mrs. Nag’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion has left a significant impact, making her an invaluable asset to the education sector.

Pedagogical Leader & Educationist

Mrs. Archana Misra 

Mrs. Archana Misra is a renowned Kathak dancer and founder of Naadbhed, a prestigious dance studio in Hyderabad. Her journey began in 2009, driven by a passion for Kathak, leading to her Visharadh certification from Akhil Bharatiya Mahavidyalaya and diplomas under the guidance of Dr. Puru and Dr. Vibha Dadheech. She holds a Sanskrit honors degree, a Diploma in FCT from NIFT Bangalore, and is pursuing an MA in Performing Arts (Kathak) from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. Naadbhed, under her leadership, has trained over 300 students and is recognized by Sangeet Natak Akademi as a premier Kathak learning center.

Founder, Naadbhed Dance Studio

Mr.Biman Gandhi

Biman Gandhi, based in Pune, is a seasoned Business and Executive Coach with 31 years of multidimensional experience in various industries and roles, including leadership positions in large Indian firms and Fortune 100 MNCs. A certified NLP Practitioner, he focuses on Mindset, Toolset, and Skillset in his coaching, delivering strategic insights and tangible value. Over 9+ years, he has coached over 175 entrepreneurs and executives from 65 companies through more than 450 sessions. Active in Pune’s business community, he holds key roles in various organizations and is a respected keynote speaker and author on negotiation skills and business topics.

Business and Executive Coach

Julien Dimitri Martinson

Julien Martinson is a seasoned aviation expert with extensive experience in inflight operations, airside security, and terminal management. A global traveler fluent in multiple languages, he holds a Master's in Aviation Management from Griffith University and has published a book, The Ultimate Guide to Careers in Aviation. Julien delivered a TED Talk on women in aviation and actively mentors high school and college students, guiding them towards successful aviation careers. He shares industry insights on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, helping young professionals navigate pathways in aviation from piloting to management, emphasizing global connectivity and career progression.

Aviation Professional & Author

Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan

Cdr Naveen Badrinarayan (Retd) is a dynamic professional and Co-Founder of Jeevan Pravaas Consultancy LLP, known for his extensive mentoring experience and his background in the Indian Navy’s Submarine arm. He has significantly contributed to career and life mentoring, using a unique approach that integrates psychometric assessments and Indian scriptures. Previously, as Director at Dheya Career Mentors Pvt. Ltd., he impacted many lives through career mentoring. Holding a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and Consultancy Management, he continuously seeks professional growth. His leadership, commitment to mentoring, and dedication to societal well-being make him a valuable asset in any organization.

Author, Life Mentor & Youth Mentor

Mr. Ramesh Natarajan 

Mr. Ramesh Natarajan has had an illustrious 42-year career in the lead-acid batteries industry, starting as a graduate trainee and advancing to key managerial roles. He was instrumental in establishing a successful export-oriented battery plant and has been a vital part of a family business for 22 years. Renowned for his expertise, Ramesh has conducted training sessions and spoken at seminars across multiple countries. He authored four books, including “Batteries Demystified,” and is passionate about inspiring the next generation. His podcasts on battery technology have gained international acclaim, ranking fifth globally, with listeners from 90 countries, including a significant audience in the USA.

 Expert in Battery Manufacturing & Author

Mr.Rama Krishna Boddu

Rama Krishna Boddu (RK Boddu) is a distinguished career mentor, author, and trainer with over 24 years of experience, including significant roles in multinationals like TATA, GE, Capgemini, and EA Games. As a Certified Master Mentor and NLP Practitioner from UCLA, USA, he specializes in career counseling and mentoring. RK Boddu has conducted over 200 workshops, impacting over 20,000 students and parents across India. His book, "Career Conversations: Volume 1 - Empower to Be Empowered," underscores his commitment to empowering individuals through insightful career guidance and mentorship.

 Author, Mentor, Trainer & Speaker

Mr.V Ravichandran 

V Ravichandran is a dynamic professional with a distinguished 30-year career in the Construction and Earthmoving equipment industry. His expertise spans B2B sales, encompassing a wide array of products such as loader backhoes, excavators, and graders. As a seasoned leader, he excels in Sales, Service, Marketing, and Business Development, fostering a robust industry network across India. Ravichandran is highly regarded as a consultant and trainer in B2B Sales & Aftermarket, renowned for his strategic acumen and talent development at Sales Enabler, Pune. His commitment to excellence solidifies his influence in the field.

 Founder- Director at SALES ENABLERS

Dr. G Senthilkumar

Dr. G. Senthilkumar is an esteemed educator and administrator at Helikx School, with a doctorate in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from Bharathiyar University. He is renowned for advancing educational methodologies and overseeing school social work and training educators on learning challenges. His innovative teaching strategies have greatly enhanced student learning experiences. Dr. Senthilkumar’s research focuses on pupil problems, school social work, and remedial strategies with technology support, and he has published extensively in these areas. He is actively involved in curriculum design and community outreach, promoting education among underprivileged communities. His visionary leadership has earned accolades for Helikx School and inspired students and educators.

Founder and Chairman Helikx open school

Mrs. Soujanya Philips

Mrs. Soujanya Philips, co-founder of True Focus Overseas Education Consulting in Hyderabad, is a seasoned education consultant dedicated to guiding students to successful international education opportunities. True Focus stands out with a remarkable track record of 100% visa approvals and represents over 550 top educational institutions worldwide. Mrs. Philips' commitment to student success has established True Focus as a leading consultancy in Hyderabad's overseas education sector.

 Co-founder, True Focus Overseas Education

Mr.Tangirala Srinath 

Mr. Tangirala Srinath is a seasoned academician at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Dr. AIT), Bangalore, with over 30 years of experience in engineering education. As a Mechanical Engineering faculty member, he excels in curriculum development, industry collaboration, and mentoring. His research in Polymer Matrix Composites, High Entropy Alloys, and Solar Thermal Engineering has led to several publications. Holding a Master’s from Bangalore University, Mr. Srinath is recognized for his teaching excellence and active involvement in professional bodies. His dedication extends to community outreach and workshops, inspiring future engineers and significantly contributing to Dr. AIT and the broader academic community.

 Educationist and Retired Professor

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